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        Welcome to the 2020-2021 OLIP Applitions.

        OLIP is a paid 10 month non-partisan programme providing backbench Members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario with qualified intern assistants

        Although there is an ademic component to the programme (through seminars and the preparation of papers on the Legislature), the principal purpose of the programme is to provide MPPs with extra staff assistance. The Interns split their ten months at Queen’s Park between two individual members: they work one half of the time for a government MPP and the other half for an opposition MPP (ministers and party leaders are not eligible).

        The range of duties performed by Interns for MPPs is very wide, and depends on the Member’s priorities and responsibilities. Interns write speeches, prepare MPPs for question period and for committee work, research policy issues of interest to the Member, assist with constituency work and attend meetings with Member and on her or his behalf. Members are encouraged to take their Interns with them to their constituencies at least once during their time together.

        In their ten months at Queen’s Park, Interns gain valuable experience and insight into the provincial politil process. Graduates of the programme have established themselves in a variety of responsible positions in government, business, journalism, law and ademic life.
        Please contact admin@olipinterns. if you have questions at any time during this process. For IT questions, contact it(@)cpsa-acsp..

        Useful Links

        To start your applition, please register. If you have already started your applition, Please login.
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